Marketing is all about having meaningful conversations with people. Having those conversations with the people who work, live and play right where your business operates is the cornerstone of great local area marketing. Choose Local are experts in local area marketing, and we’re here to help.

How we help

Our team of marketing specialists can help with both traditional and digital marketing, all underpinned by a strong local area marketing focus.


Our systems, tools and processes are designed to ensure the work we do is fast, effective and affordable. The Choose Local 3x3 model allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to have access to great marketing support, in a way that works for them.

Why we love local small business

Small business is a vital part of the social fabric of a local community. We know they have a positive impact both economically and socially in their neighbourhoods, and we believe that helping them grow and thrive by supporting them with great marketing will have a ripple effect.

COVID has shown us that now more than ever, knowing and connecting with local small businesses benefits everyone in the local community. At Choose Local we wanted to bring to life a platform that quickly and easily allowed people to do just that. With an option for a free listing for any small business that operates in a Choose Local territory, it’s a small way we can give back.
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How can we help?

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