What is Local Area Marketing?

Local Area Marketing (often referred to as LAM), is a strategy that focuses on marketing to customers within a small radius of where a business operates. Local Area Marketing activities not only drive engagement with your brand in its own right, they build trust and credibility, which in turn creates loyalty and repeat business.

Local Area Marketing can be done using powerful traditional marketing techniques in an offline environment, but LAM can also be amplified easily and cost effectively by leveraging the power of digital.

The power of local area marketing

Collectively, the Choose Local team has decades of experience in LAM, and over time, working with hundreds of clients, we’ve seen firsthand how powerful Local Area Marketing can be.

What makes LAM such a powerful strategy is that when done well, it is more than promoting your goods and services. When you tell your own unique story and combine that with involvement and visibility in your local community, you build a genuine connection with customers.

Traditional local area marketing

Traditional LAM in an offline environment helps cut through the noise of a busy digital landscape and helps your business stand out to customers in the real world.

Some of the traditional Local Area Marketing that Choose Local team can help with includes:

Digital local area marketing

Digital LAM is a cost-effective way to find and market to local customers. Over 80% of Google searches conducted on a smart phone had the term “near me” added to it. People want their results to be hyper localised and Digital LAM does just that.

Some of the Digital Local Area Marketing that Choose Local team can help with:

Get your Marketing Opportunity Plan

A Choose Local Marketing Opportunity Plan provides you with a list of advertising opportunities in your local area, including where each media is and how much it costs.

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